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CVpop – The AI-powered app for creating the perfect CV!

Do you need to create a compelling and professional CV but don't know where to start? CVpop is the ideal solution for you! Our AI-based app provides you with the tools and resources needed to create a high-quality CV that will help you stand out in the job market.

Here are some of the main features of CVpop:

  • Automatic CV creation: Enter your job title and let artificial intelligence create the perfect CV for you!
  • Smart import and recognition: Upload your existing CV, and the app will analyse it to improve and update it with the latest trends.
  • Evaluation and suggestions: Receive personalised advice from the intelligent assistant to optimise your CV and increase your chances of success.
  • Interview simulator: Prepare for the big day with our chatbot that simulates real interviews and helps you improve your communication skills.
  • High-quality templates: Choose from a wide range of professional and creative templates to create a CV that suits your style and personality.
  • Advanced customisation: Edit colours, fonts, and other elements to make your CV unique and eye-catching.
  • Export in PDF or DOCX: Save your CV in various formats and easily share it with potential employers.
  • Signature and video presentation: Add a personal touch to your CV with your signature and a brief video presentation.

But CVpop doesn't stop there! The app also offers:

  • Job listing search: Find the most suitable positions for you and apply directly from the app.
  • Training courses: Stay updated on the latest trends and skills required with our selection of professional courses.
  • Articles and posts: Discover the latest news and trends in the job market through our informative and useful content.

Download CVpop now and say goodbye to boring and outdated CVs!